My Healing Journey

Blog and journal entries, resources, articles, poetry, and art related to my healing journey as a mental health consumer and a counsellor.

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EMDR Therapy Results

I have been doing EMDR therapy now for close to one year. I remember when I started looking for a therapist sometime a year ago. I was really nervous but luckily, I had been doing the training for EMDR to become a practitioner so I had already tried it a couple of times. I did…

When the darkness comes

When the darkness comes…. I hope that you will see, the beauty that is still inside of me. I’ll gather my troops to begin the war. It’s not like I haven’t been here before. My toolbox open and my weapons strewn on the floor. I’m using every coping mechanism I have learned before. I will…

No one can tell you how your healing journey should go. It's your journey and your healing. Never forget the power of deciding for yourself.