When the darkness comes

When the darkness comes….

I hope that you will see, the beauty that is still inside of me.

I’ll gather my troops to begin the war.

It’s not like I haven’t been here before.

My toolbox open and my weapons strewn on the floor.

I’m using every coping mechanism I have learned before.

I will defeat this beast of darkness, I proclaim.

I will beat this beast so that it will not come back again.

But it always does and it needs no reason.

It will come, no matter what the season.

Whether we have mostly night or light.

I know I must always be ready to fight.

This doom of waiting day in and out.

Never sure when the darkness will come about.

Every time we fight, I start to think.

I’m tired of being on the brink.

A constant worry, a shadow of doubt.

I’m done with this all, I shout.

Perhaps acceptance is key.

I don’t want to use up all my energy.

Maybe this beast and I can get along.

As it sings its darkness song

I realize it was me who always had the power

To let it move with me, not let it tower

Through befriending my enemy

I will not let it become my identity

Now we can walk hand in hand

For my healing, I stand


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