I’m a queer, non-binary therapist

I am a fighter against oppression towards folx who are forced into marginalized status within this society. I prioritize a lot of my fight for Indigenous communities and queer communities as this is where my experience lies. I have witnessed first hand, the continued colonization of Indigenous people as Quebec attempted to take land away from Kahnawake, QC once again. I have lived the oppression against queer communities.

I am still unpacking a lot of the internalized hatred that was forced into my heart and this is a long journey as it is for anyone from a marginalized community. I work with Indigenous, queer, trans, and non-monogamous communities using a trauma-informed lens where my main focus is on healing the trauma.

I am creating some art that is educational and abstract for people to check out. If you would like to fund my work so you can use it for yourself or it would help your own healing journey, check out Patreon.